100 Stories for 100 Pleasant Days!

O. Henry. 100 Selected Storiesinsigna EBHIf you want to smile, to cry, to be amazed and surprised, then you simply should read this author’s short stories. They will give you a lot of energy for all-day long. Are you already interested in them?

Then I present you a book that includes readings for every day of summer and I’m sure you will fall in love with them. It’s about the book “100 Selected Stories”, by O. Henry. The short stories of this author are popular for their ‘trick endings’, which will change your vision of the life. Stories are full of emotional and spiritual energy broadcasted through characters and actions, fulfilled with wise meanings from the common problems in social life of people of different range.

From the first story you will feel that you want to read it all, but at the same time you will regret you have to end the book.

You can read the book in the English Book Hall, at the Central Library. All you have to do is to come and ask for this book (Henry O. 100 Selected Stories / O. Henry. – London : Wordsworth Classic, 2012. – 736 p.).

Have a nice reading time!

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