THINK : public speaking

THINK public speakingEngleberg, Isa N. THINK : public speaking / Isa N. Engleberg, John A Daly. – Boston : Pearson/ Rhetoric speech, 2013. – 395 p.

Dr. Isa Engleberg the author of this book is a professor emerita at Price George’s Community College in Maryland, served as president of the National Communication Asssociation in 2003 and chaired the NCA Research Board from 1995 to 1998. Dr. Engleberg has written six college textbooks in communication studies, published more than three dozen articles in academic journals, and made hundreds of convention and seminar presentations.

The coauthor Dr. John Daly is Liddell Professor in the College of Communication and Texas Commerce Bancshares Professor in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin. He has published more than one hundred scholarly articles and completed six academic books, including this one also.

When you hear someone talking about public speaking, then after a period of time suddenly inside you appears a feeling of fear and scare. Why should we be afraid of this awkward and embarrassing  thing?

This question certainly appears when we don’t know how to fight with it.DSC_4396 In your mind may appear such questions What should you talk about in public? How to calm down? How to have more confidence and less stress if you want to deal with it, especially when you’re giving your first speech? If you want to have all these answers within your reach, then you can take and read this compelling textbook. Dr. Isa Engleberg a specialist in rhetoric speech offered you a beautiful brief instructor of the public speaking. Here we can see all the features that a public speaker should have take into consideration: execise for deep breathing, speak out loudly, speaking with confidence, listening and critical thinking, generating audience interest, adapt yourself and of course focus on your audience, not on the microphone. 

The book can help you to develop your skills and to feel free in front of a group of people. As it’s an actual theme, it definitely will caught either the eyes of the students or the attention of the people who are interesed and who will use it to become more effective and ethical communicators.

The task of that textbook Think Public Speaking represent a unique challenge, and gave us the possibility to reach the success, and to be happy in our personal and professional lifetime.



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