International Youth Day 2016

International-Youth-Day-Greetings-ImageYoung people are not only our future – they are our present. Our planet has never been so young, with 1.8 billion young women and men. They are the most connected, the most outspoken and the most open-minded generation the world has ever seen. They are powerful agents of positive change, essential to taking forward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

International Youth Day (IYD) is an awareness day designated by the United Nations in 1999. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000. International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August. It is meant as an opportunity for governments and others to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. During IYD, concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings involving national and local government officials and youth organizations take place around the world.

The theme of the 2016 International Youth Day is “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production”

Here we have some books on this theme:

Coreţchi, Ana. Youth Promotion in the Society in Transition : Case Study: The Republic of Moldova / Ana Coreţchi. – Chişinău : Ed. ARC, 2001. – 187 p.

Goodman, Paul. Growing up absurd: problems of youth in the organized society / Paul Goodman. – New York : Ed. Vintage Books : A Division of Random House, 1960. – 300 p.

Sheng, Hong. The palace of eternal youth / Hong S14001733_1670912913230262_825877180_oheng. – Beijing : Ed. China Intercontinental Press, 2011. – 96 p.

Cairns, Robert B. Lifelines and risks : pathways of youth our time / Robert B. Cairns. – Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994. – 315

Baker, Russell. Growing up / Russell Baker. – New York : Congdon & Weed, 1982. – 278 p.

Pollanda, Barbara K. Guideposts for growing up / Barbara K. Pollanda. – San-Francisco : Standard Educational Corporation, 1995. – 191 p.

Youth evaluate participation : Report on the evalution of youth participation in the Republic of Moldova. –  Chişinău : Imago, 2004. – 148 p.

Corneţchi Sergiu, Lăzărescu-Speteţchi Larisa, Palihovici, Liliana. Youth strategy / Sergiu Cornețchi, Larisa Lăzărescu-Spetețchi, Liliana Palihovici. –  Chişinău : Ed. SET TRIO, 2004. – 68 p.

Tracy, Carrington. Looking good : A young person’s guide to body care / Carrington Tracy. – London, Sydney : World Book, Inc., 1993. – 64 p.

Tracy, Carrington. Thoughts and feelings : A young person’ s guide to emotions / Carrington Tracy. – London, Sydney : World Book, Inc., 1993. – 64 p.

Tracy, Carrington. Eating well : A young person’ s guide to nutrition / Carrington Tracy. – London, Sydney : World Book, Inc., 1993. – 64 p.



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