Mult e dulce și frumoasă…


Joi, 30 august 2018, ora 14:30 la Biblioteca Centrală va avea loc simpozionul cu genericul ”Mult e dulce și frumoasă”, eveniment dedicat Sărbătorii Naționale Limba noastră, moderator Vlad Pohilă. La simpozion vor participa: Irina Condrea, doc. hab. prof. univ. USM, Mihai Tașcă, jurist, doctor în drept, Vasile Șoimaru, conf. univ., publicist.
În cadrul simpozionului va avea loc lansarea cărților: O Universitate cât o viață, Dimitrie Ursu; Dezmembrarea României, autor Mihail Tașcă; Noul Caragaci – sat românesc din Bugeac, de Petru Ujeuca; Exerciții ale reîntregirii, de Nicolae Rusu.

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Cum să înțelegem muzica

În anul curent, la 25 august, dirijorul și compozitorul american Leonard Bernstein împlinește 100 ani de la naștere.

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S-a născut în 1918 la Lawrence, în SUA. Leonard Bernstein este cunoscut și a rămas în memoria publicului mai ales pentru prodigioasa sa activitate dirijorală în lumea întreagă. A condus unele din marile orchestre ale lumii și și-a dedicat o bună parte din activitate Filarmonicii din New York. Ca promotor al muzicii, a realizat un remarcabil ciclu de emisiuni TV, de educație muzicală, transmis în multe țări ale lumii. A compus simfonii, balete, operete, între care: Missa, Candide, Musical Town, West Side Story (Poveste din Cartierul de vest), Serenadă pentru vioară și orchestră de coard.

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La Biblioteca Centrală a BM „B.P Hasdeu” serviciul Robotica își continuă activitatea

La Biblioteca Centrală a BM „B.P Hasdeu” serviciul Robotica își continuă activitatea. Astăzi, 20 august a avut loc cea de-a treia ședință la care au fost prezenți copii cu diverse vârste, dar cu pasiune comună roboții. În cadrul sesiunii de instruire, copii au finisat asamblarea roboților și au fost informați despre tema următoare PROGRAMAREA.

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Newspapers. The Press. Journalism

The virtual book exhibition/ Expoziția virtuală de carte

7Bowles, Dorothy A. Creative editing / Dorothy A. Bowles, Diane L. Borden. – Belmomt, 2000. – 403 p.

A trusted source of essential information and a workbook that helps you apply your skills, Creative Editing immerses you in the real workaday world of editing newspapers, magazines, public relations materials, and Web sites. Dorothy A. Bowles and Diane L. Borden guide you through the principles of copy editing, layout, and design – following up with numerous opportunities for you to apply and practice those principles. Their ”learn-by-doing” format covers grammar, punctuations, style, word usage, fact-checking techniques, copy improvement, headline writing, and page layout.

10Harrower, Tim. Inside reporting : a practical guide to the craft of journalism / written & designed by Tim Harrower. – New York, 2007. – 318 p.

“Tim Harrower’s Inside Reporting does for reporting what his design handbook did for designers — rejuvenates the subject by providing the basic skills in a form that students will read. Harrower’s style almost guarantees that my students will learn how to provide their readers with information in a visually pleasing manner. He not only tells them how to do it, he shows them. And they can’t stop reading. I’ve never seen that before with any other reporting textbook.”

Nark Witherspoon, Iowa State University

1Baker, Bob. Newsthinking : the secret of making your facts fall into place / by Bob Baker. – Boston, 2002. – 174 p.

Bob Baker “slays the dragon” of journalism…. Newsthinking takes a hardened topic like journalism—a discipline where many large books have been written about concise writing—and “boils down to sugar” the qualities a writer needs for succinctness…. The reader is taken on a sojourn into the discipline of psychology. Baker uses mental exercises, mental imagery, and mental toughness throughout the book to teach lessons in topics such as audience perspective, voice, and brain function…. His sense of balance is impeccable; his first-things-first approach places the reader/writer at the helm of a navigable journalism…. I believe that most students will respond to this text as I did as a journalism student twenty years ago when it was originally published.

Rob Walsh, Mitchell Community College

5Hane, Paula J. Super searchers in the news: The online secrets of journalists and news researchers. Medford, New Jersey, 2000. – 215 p.

Ten of the world’s top news researchers share their online secrets

Professional news researchers are a breed apart. The behind-the-scenes heroes of network newsrooms and daily newspapers, they work under intense deadline pressure to meet the insatiable, ever-changing research needs of reporters, editors, and journalists. Getting a critical fact wrong, or getting it six hours later than the competition, just doesn’t cut it in this business.

Here, for the first time, ten news researchers reveal hard-won tips, techniques, and strategies for using the Internet and online services to get the scoop, check the facts, and .nail the story. Veteran online industry reporter Paula J. Hane interviews the best in the business—highly sought-after authors, speakers, and Internet trainers who teach reporters and other researchers the secrets of online research. Many of them are part of awardwinning investigative news teams, some have won Pulitzers.

If you want to become a more effective online searcher, and do fast, accurate online research on a wide range of moving-target topics, don’t miss Super Searchers In The News—the fifth title in the new Super Searchers series for today’s serious information user.

3Brooks, Brian S. The art of editing / Brian S. Brooks, Jack Z. Sissors. – Boston, 2001. – 444 p.

The Art of Editing continues to be the standard by which editing texts are judged, offering students the most comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of editing techniques and strategies available today. Long viewed as the „classic” in the field of editing, The Art of Editing continues to evolve and meets the needs of today’s students in this new, seventh edition. While more traditional newspaper editing forms the foundation of the text, attention also is placed on the areas in which students are finding jobs – corporate magazines, broadcasting, online media, public relations and advertising.

4Brooks, Brian S. The art af editing : in the age of convergence / Brian S. Brooks, James L. Pinson, Jack Z. Sissors. – Boston, 2005. – 412 p.

The Art of Editing continues to be the standard by which editing texts are judged, offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of editing available.

  • Adds new material comprising over half the text, including more practical instruction, more sidebars, and new concepts such as the „Three R’s of Editing” and „holistic editing.”
  • Places increased emphasis on editing for radio, television, and the World Wide Web, providing students with critical information for today’s media environment.
  • Features a new focus on convergence, reflecting the vast changes occurring in the media today.
  • Expands coverage of legal and ethical issues to help better prepare students for their professional careers.

9Stovall, James Glen. The complete editor / James Glen Stovall, Edward Mullins. – Boston, 2006. – 303 p.

Filled with abundant exercises, The Complete Editor provides instructors with many resources to use in teaching their students about copyediting, headline writing, decision making, relationships with writers, graphic presentations, photo editing, and layout and design. It also contains a separate chapter on legal principles. This efficient and well-written text gives students basic information about the topics at hand and allows instructors to begin discussions af all of the basics of editing.

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Andrei Burac – cu toată ființa spre altundeva

Expoziție virtuală de carte din colecția Bibliotecii Centrale, cu ocazia aniversării scriitorului Andrei Burac (80 ani de la naștere).

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File de albu cu scriitorul Andrei Burac

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