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Republic of Moldova – 30 years of independence (2021)

The Independence Day (Romanian: Ziua Independenței) is the national day of Moldova commemorating the adoption of the  Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on 27 August 1991.

         The Supreme Soviet of Moldova held independent elections in February and March 1990. The elections resulted in Mircea Snegur being elected as speaker of the parliament, with Mircea Druc as prime minister. On 23 June 1990, the parliament adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic, which, mainly stipulated the supremacy of Moldovan laws over those of the Soviet Union.

         On 27 August 1991, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova voted to adopt the Moldovan Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union. On 21 December 1991, Moldova, along with 10 other Soviet republics, signed the act that formed the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

         Being a public holiday it is a free day for most of the people and employees, also most retail businesses and public institutions are closed on August 27, (Independence Day) and New Year’s Day, but remain open on all other holidays. On this day, the President of the Republic gives a public speech, and officials lay flowers at the Stephen the Great Monument.

         A concert is also organized at the Great National Assembly Square. Every 5 years a military parade is held in the center of Chisinau.

         This year we celebrate 30th anniversary of Independence Day of Republic of Moldova.

Zaborot Felicia, bibliotecar